Official Rules for Store Giveaway

Up to $60,000s per winner.


You must already be the owner or represent an Owner of a Brick and Mortar Smoke Shop to be qualified.

Your Store, Your Town, Your Choice of Inventory


4 Stores will be given a 

Fully Stocked New Store! 

You must have one or more Brick and Mortar Smoke Shops in operation for at least one year prior to winning.

The Smoke Shop can have no less than 70% (Smoke, Vape, 420 Merchandise)

to 30% (General merchandise) ratio of inventory.

You must be pre-registered and in attendance at the CHAMPS Trade Show event in Las Vegas At the

Las Vegas Convention Center July 19th- 22nd

How do you enter? 

1st Pre-Register for Summer Las Vegas Show:

CHAMPS Trade Show Buyer Registration. (

2nd Attend CHAMPS Trade Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 19th-22nd


What will you receive as a Grand Prize Winner?


1st month’s rent for your new location.


4 winners get +/- fifty $1000 Certificates redeemable from the sponsor listed on the Certificate.


This new location must meet the following requirements:


Size Maximum: 1000 sq ft 


Rental Rate of no more than 110% of average zip code pricing. This sum shall not exceed $5 USD per square foot.


(if you want to choose a location greater than 1000 sq ft, you will be given the maximum award of $5000.)


The winner will also receive +/- 50 Sponsor Specific Vouchers for $1000 Ea. in wholesale goods.

These are redeemable for inventory you choose from their individual catalogs. The winning store owner will be responsible for shipping and insurance.


 Just in case that’s not enough, you will get an extra $5000 for miscellaneous expenses.


When will you receive this fantastic prize?


$5000 Misc Expenses at time of winning. 


Then, Soon as you have acquired and Signed a lease on your newest location within six months. You will get the rest!


What if you don’t want a new store? 


Easy! We’ve got your back. We know that not every location is ready to open another location. Time, the staff, as well as the local economy may predict you should stay the course without expanding.


In this rare case, you are still a Winner! You will get ⅓ of all Inventory awards.


And Keep the $5000!