The Complete Sponsorship Package!

Las Vegas $8500

All other Shows $6500

GOLD Sponsors receive TONS of benefits including:

Your Logo on every page of CHAMPSTRADESHOWS.com with a link to your company’s website

Your Logo printed in CHAMPS Magazine

Your Logo printed on the CHAMPS registration counter banners

Your Logo printed on the archway signs at the main entrance door to show

Your Logo on promotional/direction signs that are on display at the show Convention Center during the days of the show

Reposts of any Instagram / Facebook stories you post (at our direction)

One Pop-up Sign placement allowed in an assigned area inside the arena. Additional pop-up sign is $500 each

Pop-up banner is not included, just the space and permission to place your pop-up banner at allowed locations

For more information or questions about sponsorship:


Sponsorship is now going to be a show-to-show sponsorship with two options of sponsoring:

A- $1000 cash and $1500 product value for prizes

B- $2000 cash and $500 product value for prizes.

As a sponsor, your Company will receive:

Prime location selection around the glass arenas at the next show in attendance.

Placement on all Glass Games Specific signs and banners around glass arenas Space for personal company banners around glass arenas

Your Logo with link to your website on our website

Your Logo on our show boards and banners at the front and on the show floor

Your Logo on giant checks at the award ceremony

Announcement of your company during the awards.

Promotion on our social media platforms as Official Sponsors

If you have any questions, ideas, or possible suggestions, or are wanting to sponsor any or all of our upcoming shows:

We look forward to working with such amazing companies!