Nevada Department of Taxation Will Accept Your Application From NOW to January 16th 2023

To all exhibitors of CHAMPS Summer / Winter Shows at the Las Vegas Convention Center:

Under Nevada Law, anyone displaying cigarettes and/or Other Tobacco Products ‘OTP’ ((products including but not limited to: Cigarettes, Alternative Nicotine Products, Vapor Products and/or their components; electronic nicotine delivery systems, and e-juice products with or without nicotine) must have a Nevada license for these products OR apply for an Event Specific License ‘ESL’ from State of Nevada’s Department of Taxation.

The application is FREE and takes 30 days to process. 

If this applies to you, please make sure to complete and submit your application directly to the Nevada Department of Taxation by January 16, 2023. Applications that are submitted after this date will not be accepted.

If your application is not approved and/or you do not receive the approval letter BEFORE the show, you will NOT be allowed to display those products.


***If you are licensed in Nevada, or this is not applicable to your company/products, you do not have to apply for this license.***

Submit Completed Application To:

Helpful Tips:

  • The display, promotion, or sale of any products banned under Nevada Senate Bill 49 will not be allowed on the show floor under any circumstances. This includes, but is not limited to; Delta-7, Delta-8, Delta-10, and any other structural, optical, or geometric isomers of Delta-9 as THC (under NRS 454.139).
  • Complete the application in full and sign/date the last page.

  • Select type of license being applied for at top of application, if unsure check with Nevada Department of Taxation.
  • Complete the application in full and sign/date the last page.

  • Use your Company Physical Address on the application, not a residential address. (No approvals will be sent to companies who operate out of a residential address)

  • Include a complete list of products and your best estimate of the quantity you intend to bring

  • If bringing in cigarettes, submit your application 60 days in advance of the show

  • All applications need to be submitted 30 days prior to the Event or risk not able to display or sample their products. 

  • If the company has a state business or tobacco license from another state, a copy must be provided.

  • The proper license type at the top of the application needs to be completed.

  • The name, type of tobacco and number of units being brought in is required.

  • Company physical address needs to be provided on the application. This includes the city, state and zip code.

  • The Department can’t permit Delta-8, THC as synthetic cannabinoids are banned within the state an that is not under our scope of abilities to give permission for.

We encourage you to have your NV Tax License or Event Specific License on display in your booth so it is easier for the Department’s and the Attorneys General Investigators to see when in your booth. If this applies to you and this is not on display then it must be available upon request.

Download Post Show Excise Tax Forms