The upcoming Denver show will have 4 CHAMPS Glass Games entries!

Glass artists from all over are invited to join and compete. The top 3 entries in each game will receive, cash and prizes. Only 2 of the games will provide a ticket to the Masters for First place winners.

The only rule for these games is NO COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS, these MUST BE SOLO PIECES.

Good luck! Here are the 2023 Denver CHAMPS Glass Games:

GOBLET GRAB: Welcome back everyone’s favorite Denver original, the Goblet Grab. Each artist that enters will sell their first goblet to CHAMPS for 200$ wholesale, everyone may also enter a second goblet. Your first goblet will get you a redeemable ticket good for 200$ as long as your goblet is chosen. The second goblet will still get you an extra chance at winning, however you will receive a raffle ticket for the goblet grab instead of $$$. Buyers at the show will have first dibs on the raffle tickets and we will later open the tickets for artists to purchase if we have tickets left. If not enough tickets are sold the unchosen goblets will be returned to the artists that entered them.

1st – Entry to the 2024 CHAMPS master’s competition! AND $1,000 Cash plus other prizes!

2nd – $500 Cash and other prizes!

3rd Place- $250 Cash and other prizes!

FUNGUS AMONGUS: So much mycelium, so much time! From the comfort of home, create your best fungus themed piece. Be sure this piece is a solo work; collaborative efforts will be disqualified. While these entries do not have to be a pipe, this is a pipe show…

1st – Entry to the 2024 CHAMPS Masters Competition! AND $1,000 Cash plus other prizes!

2nd – 500$ Cash and other prizes!

3rd – 250$ Cash and other prizes!

MARBLES (Best in Show and Game of Marbles): Yet another Denver CHAMPS favorite is back! Artists will be asked to create at least one set of 14 marbles (1- Shooter and 13- Target) to enter in both games. You may only enter one set for both Best in Show and the Game of Marbles. Each set must include 1- Shooter Marble (Must be 25mm or 1 inch in diameter) and 13- Target Marbles (must be 16mm or ⅝ of an inch). Marbles must be within 2mm of listed size to qualify for either marble competition. Can anyone dethrone Jes in the game of marbles? While we encourage all of the artists that enter in “Best in Show” to compete in the “Game of Marbles”, you may enter “Best in Show” and choose not to compete in the game. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd awarded for both categories:

1st- $1,000 Cash and other prizes!

2nd – $500 Cash and other prizes!

3rd- $250 Cash and other prizes! *

*Marbles must be within 2mm of listed sizes to qualify for Marble Games.

If you have any questions or concerns about Glass Games, please contact, for all artist booth related inquiries please contact or the CHAMPS Glass Games Instagram. Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday September 27th and Thursday September 28th in lovely Denver Colorado!

There will be no Onsite Glass Blowing in Tampa.

Artists can make their Solo Pieces at home and bring the finished piece in to enter.

There will be the following three Categories:

Smokin’ Seacow – Create a piece honoring the majestic manatee, an endangered Florida native. Dugongs are allowed as well if you prefer, but it is strictly a Sirenian event. So bring your best sea cow to Tampa and try for a chance at a spot in the Masters’ competition as well as cash and prizes! 

Skynet- Artificial intelligence has begun to take over everything! Using one of the four images conjured by A.I., create a piece in the closest likeness of the provided images. These pictures are what artificial intelligence thinks of glass pipes. Bring life to these lifeless images for a chance to compete in the 2024 masters competition and cash and prizes! 

Will it float?- Back by popular demand! Can you conquer the age-old mystery of buoyancy? Everyone loves water sports and smoking! Using solely glass, create a piece that smokes and floats for a chance to win cash and prizes!

New Standard Prep Rules: 

We are asking all artists to come prepared to our live glassblowing events. This means that your torch and accessories (mini torches, bunsen burners, and etc.) should be connected and y-ed down to a single gas and single oxygen B Grade hose with a male quick connect on the end. Artists without the proper equipment will be asked to borrow from a fellow competitor, “rent” CHAMPS Glass Games equipment or acquire their own fittings from local sources.

Standard Prep Rules

Just make sure it is not a finished section, piece or part and can be verified by the Judges and or Glass Games Crew as a not fully shaped or finished.


Artists may use: Vacstacks, blow-ins (stuff n puffs), space tech, frit fades, chip stacks, bubble traps, dichro and etc. All sections must NOT be finished parts or pieces. Sections may be any diameter and length; they may also be on handles. NO PRE-SHAPED SECTIONS.


All rod must NOT be shaped and or manipulated prior to the competition. Twisty Cane is allowed and not considered a manipulation. Again, no finished pieces and or sections.


  • Millies, whether sliced or in rod form are allowed as long as they recognize our copyrighted and trademarked images addendum.
  • Opals, encased or raw are allowed. Encased opals must be individual opals regardless of shape or size.
  • No faceted sections
  • No marbles

IMPORTANT: Due to the high volume of complaints received, CHAMPS Glass Games will no longer accept entries infringing upon existing Trademarks and or Copyrights. Anything with a Trademarked or Copyrighted image will be removed from the table and be disqualified from the game the entry was for. We apologize for any inconvenience.




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