Glass Games Atlantic City 2023 Judge JKelly
Glass Games Atlantic City 2023 Judge JKelly
Glass Games Atlantic City 2023 Judge Shuhbuh
Glass Games Atlantic City 2023 Judge Shuhbuh
Glass Games Atlantic City 2023 Judge Hops
Glass Games Atlantic City 2023 Judge Hops


Your piece must be comprised of 2 or more separate parts that fit together to make a functioning piece.

These pieces will be function tested and cleaned.

Standard prep rules apply.

This piece must be atleast 50% dichroic.

Standard prep rules apply.

How many seals can you put on one functional piece?

Standard prep rules apply

Swiss Army Knives are known for having multiple uses, all conveniently in one tool.

Create a pipe that has more than just one use.

Standard prep rules apply.

Let’s see a Montage of Patterns.

How many patterns can you put on a pipe, bong, or rig?

Standard prep rules apply.




Hendy Glass

Started 2007

Dellene Peralta

Started 1996

Malaquia Glass

Started 2000



Standard Prep Rules:

* All rod or tubing prepped can be in any size(s) of cylinders
* NO Wig Wags
* Millefiori and Murrine ok (sticks and polished slices allowed)
* Pre-encased Single Opal Marbles OK (raw opals ok)
* ”Untwisted” tube or vac stack is allowed
* Premade and Prestacked vacstack ready to be pulled is allowed
* No pre-shaped tubes or rods (Only in RAW Cylinder form)
* All prepped tubing and color rod must be in stock style cylinders
* Prepped tubing on handles is allowed
* Prepped rod or solid cylinders in any consentiating sizes is allowed
* Colored tubing, powder coated, and frit tumbled tube in any single color is allowed
* Blow-in and sleeved glass is allowed as long as not shaped or patterned, just color (no premade
space tubing, bubble trapped, or frit sleeved over color is allowed)
* No twisted cane
* Color cane striped bars/Dicro cane bars untwisted is allowed (stock flat or cylinder untwisted
cane) we want it twisted during the competition
* Frit or colored tube is allowed and can be on handles but not allowed to be shaped (no
preshaped balls, cylinder only)
* No pre-made horns, however, handled cylinders colored to be made into horns is allowed, all
cylinder sizes are allowed
* No pre-prepped tube or rod in a gradient or taper unless its a slight taper or gradient in size
throughout the handpulled crucible dipped, hand striped, or coil potted rod (No prepped colors
blending or faded into other colors)
Pretty much anything you can find in a glass store, unmanipulated, is allowed, besides the above
Torch Requirements:
This is a plug and play system, which most glassblowers are accustom to, we have one oxygen
and one propane port. Torches need to have hoses attached, T-Grade hoses and lines with
B-Connector Fittings, quick connects preferred w/western brass ends, Regulators provided by
(ALL hand torches, bunsons, etc. must be y-ed or connected within YOUR own system,
not ours. Ready to plug and play)