CHAMPS FL22 Floor Map

Daytona Beach was an entirely new format and a huge success. The Glass Games Crew wants to thank each and every one of you that participated in any way!

Daytona Beach Glass Games Winners

Glass Bash Best in Show Winners:

1st Place: Stucky

2nd Place: Eternal Flameworks

3rd Place: Big Lake Glass


Onsite Solo Charity Submission Winners:

1st Place: Noah Armor Glass

2nd Place: Joe Peters

3rd Place: CASTO

Bring in Solo Charity Submission Winners:

1st Place: Charisma Glass

2nd Place: Noah Armor Glass

3rd Place: Skoeet Glass

Glass Bash Joust Winner:

Eternal Glass

Denver 2022 Winners

As always, Denver is a submission pieces show, no live blowing. All pieces will be checked and inspected before they are allowed in the categories.

Goblet Grab Winners:

1st Rye Deyer

2nd Chase Hardman

3rd Burtoni

Is It Glass?

Pedro Grime

1st Grime Glass

Tony Kazy

2nd Tony Kazy Glass

Alec Blows Glass aka Spudmuffin

3rd Alec Blows Glass aka Spudmuffin

Game of Marbles - Best of Show & Gameplay Winner:

Marbles – Best Set

1st – Jes Durfee

2nd – Happy Time Glass

3rd – The Glass Parrot

Best Set of Milli Checkers Winner:

Milli Checkers – Best Set

1st – BMFT

2nd – Puntington

3rd – Cajun Rick

Game of Marbles

1st – Jes Durfee

2nd – Michigoon

Game of Milli Checkers

1st – Jes Durfee

2nd – Sko-eet

Is It Glass?

It must be a functioning smoking device but we should question if it is glass or the real product it is replicating.


Milli Checkers


Winner of the “Nicest Set” qualifies for the Master’s Final

Millie slices will be viewed and approved prior to the competition.  You are to have a set of 24 millie chips to be able to play in the game.  Chips must be made solely by the artist, no collabs, no exceptions.  You will be playing against other artists in a game of keeps. *not smaller than a Penny, preferably over a nickel*


Goblet Grab

1st Place Qualifies for Master’s Finals

This is our standard goblet contest.  Prize money and wild-card possibilities will be judged on by Glass Game judges, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will win their respective prizes. All artists will be “selling” their goblet for $200, CHAMPS will provide a redeemable ticket to the artist for the goblet. CHAMPS will sell tickets at $200, 1 per person, per availability of goblet/mug/cup/chalice/etc. at a first-come first-serve basis, e.g. If we have twenty entries, we will sell twenty tickets max, one per person max. All entries will be on display at the show the morning of Sept 28th, if there are any additional tickets available, people may purchase as many tickets as they want first come first serve basis. At 3:30 PM CHAMPS will draw #s for placement, when your # is called you have 1 minute max to choose which entry you want to exchange your ticket for. If an artist would like to be involved in the “grab”, they may submit a second entry, this entry will be in exchange for a $200 “grab” ticket, you will also have a chance to place twice. Do not bring a duplicate cup, this is going into our store owners collection, and we are looking for a “bigger, better, badder” grab. Also making two different Goblets gives a better chance to win. You MUST be present to win. Winners will be announced before close of the CHAMPS show, Sept 28th

-Goblets must be judged to be valued at a minimum of $200 to participateSept



Game of Marbles
Winner of the “Nicest Set” qualifies for the Master’s Final

CHAMPS Glass Games is proud to present A Game of Marbles.  Bring a full set of marbles, 1 large shooter and 12 smaller pieces to participate in the game at the Denver CHAMPS show.  The nicest set of marbles wins the artist a spot in the masters and a cash prize. 

At the show, competing artists will use their own set of marbles to compete in the actual game of marbles, also known as “Ringer”.  Use your shooter to knock your opponents marbles out of the ring.  First to knock out all ten of your opponent’s marbles wins the round. 

The event is tournament style, meaning winners continue on to the next round until a champion is crowned.  As the game progresses, more and more marbles are used in each contest, however winners get to keep an ever-increasing amount of the spoils of war.  A Game of Marbles is a great way to exchange your own work with some of your favorite competing artists and friends.  Winner of the actual marble game wins all of the marbles they “conquered” as well as a cash prize.

Marble Specifications:

Sizes: 12 “regular” marbles 18-20 mm diameter each

1 “shooter” marble: 25-30 mm diameter

*Marbles will be measured at show and must be within the target size- No Exceptions!

  • All Marbles Must be Round

  • All Marbles Must be Artistic-Make your Marbles Look Nice

Las Vegas Summer 2022 Winners!

1st Place Winners!

Smitty Glass Art
Smitty Glass Art
Habitat Glass

Habitat Glass

Smash-Off Build:
Habitat Glass
Terry Sharp

Terry Sharp

Terry Sharp
Eternal Flameworks
Vegas Bling:
Eternal Flameworks
Tony Kazy Glass
Tony Kazy Glass
C. Spencer Glass
Smash-Off Destruction: 
(not in masters)
C.Spencer Glass
Drakken Glass
Carta Top Tournament:
(not in masters)
Drakken Glass

All Winners - Only 1st place moves on to MASTERS!!

Carta Top Tournament:
(not in masters)
1st Drakken Glass
2nd G.D. Glass
3rd Kosher Glass
Smash-Off Destruction: 
(not in masters)
1st C.Spencer Glass
2nd MattZ Glass
3rd Terry Sharp
Smash-Off Build:
1st Habitat Glass
2nd Terry Sharp
3rd Sir Pyro Glass
1st Tony Kazy Glass
2nd Hand of Man
3rd LX 1984
1st Habitat Glass
2nd Happytime Glass
3rd Terry Sharp
1st Hicdogg
2nd Sir Pyro Glass
3rd 126 Glass
1st Smitty Glass Art
2nd Sir Pyro Glass
3rd Clayball Glass
Vegas Bling:
1st Eternal Flameworks
2nd Moose and Fire
3rd Fourwinds Flameworks
1st Terry Sharp
2nd Hicdogg
3rd Smitty Glass Art
1st Terry Sharp
2nd Cookie Makes Bongs
3rd Moose and Fire
**Each artist is allowed to sign up for no more than 3 of the live glass blowing categories.**

Carta Top Tournament:

 *30 available spots

Submit a top for Carta’s new version.  You are making a piece that should retail for $350 and you will give the top in exchange for a Carta v2. Please allow at least 2-weeks notice. This game is NOT a chance into the masters.

The CARTA 2 glass program kicks off with flare at CHAMPS! Any artist that participates will receive a free CARTA 2. The glass top you create will either be purchased by us or you can sell the top on if the artist wants.

The Focus V CARTA 2 team will judge the entries based on creativity, functionality. The winning top—and all tops we love—will also have a high chance of working with us on a regular basis. As the #cartagang grows & goes worldwide, we want you to join the movement—and help us take the CARTA 2 even greater heights

Smash Off:
*18 available spots
Best Car All cars must be brought and displayed by Tuesday July 26th to be included in this game. The best build will receive a spot in the masters. 
Smash Up The goal is to destroy your car in the most spectacular fashion through the track of obstacles we create. This will be scored on site. The approved frames are Torment model #ECX01001t1 or Ruckus model #ECX0100T1 For any technical questions please contact Stucky. (Number give upon request)
Vegas BlingOpals & Gold
*3.5 hr game with 30 competitors
You will be given a $ amount that you can “purchase” opals from Dopals Opals booth, prior to starting your game, that must be incorporated into you piece. This piece should have gold influences/bling to it as well. Standard Prep rules & Opals that are provided only (no additional Opals allowed)
GamblingWet or Dry, it’s about the function
*3.5 hr game with 30 competitors
We want you to make the best functioning piece, whether it be wet, dry, or both. These pieces will be tested. Standard Prep rules apply.
Black Jack
*3.5 hr game with 30 competitors
We want to see your most creative use of black glass, which will be either TAG black jack or Northstar onyx. You will receive either 1/4 or 1/2 lb of the glass. Standard Prep rules apply.
CrapsRoll them Dice
*3.5 hr game with 30 competitors
Your piece must incorporate dice in some way.  They can be drawn, sculpted, attachments, however you choice, but there has to be dice in some way. Standard Prep rules apply.      
*3.5 hr game with 30 competitors
This piece must have some type of built in poker. Standard Prep rules apply. 
*3.5 hr game with 24 competitors 
This piece MUST 49% black, 49% red, and 2% green as close to these portions as you can. Standard Prep rules apply but piece must only be these 3 colors.
Spare Change:
*3.5 hr game with 24 competitors 
You must encase an actual metal coin. Standard Prep rules apply. 
*7 hr game with 21 competitors 
So Baccarat is one of those games that no one knows the rules, so make what you want. Standard Prep rules & 4x4x4 box.

Chicago 2022 Glass Games Results

Team Molten Art – Terpinator 


Carsten Glass

Hoobs Glass

Two Teams Go Head-to-Head for $20,000 in Chicago!



Carsten Glass:
Carsten started in 1995 making him a 27 year veteran in flameworking.  He has a vast knowledge of techniques and styles that has come with that time.  Carsten truly loves every aspect of glass working.  He is an Oregon native and still calls it home.  Carsten has said the hardest part of glass is creating something new that will shock everyone.  He wants to learn all aspects of glass in every form and wants the chance to work with as many artists as he possibly can, in his career.
JOP!: Team Captain
JOP started in 2001 making him a 21 year veteran in flameworking.  He creates amazing sculptures through glass.  “If nothing else, view my work as original.  Technique and craft can be learned, originality cannot.”Josh is a Philadelphia Pennsylvania native and still calls that home.  He is a graduate of the University of Arts earning a BFA.  He has had his artwork on display around the world, often blurring the lines between what would be a visible pipe and what would be the non functional sculpture.  With such a broad range, it is difficult to isolate what is his particular style.
Hoobs started in 2001 making him a 21 year veteran in flameworking.  He is from Torrance California which is still where he calls home.  He has had an interactive mind since childhood, so glass was a natural calling for him.  In 2010, Adam created the first glass sneaker which gained him world-wide recognition for his mastered sculpting.  Hoobs loves pushing the limits in glass with some of the largest project builds ever created with borosilicate.  His work has blended cultures and helped expose the art form to a broader audience.
N8 Miers: 
N8 started in 2002 making him a 20 year veteran in flameworking. He is originally an Olympia Washington native but Evergreen Colorado is where he currently calls home.  He has created a signature look with his glass, creating views of intergalactic space, N8’s style is very outer space/galaxy influenced.  N8 is always seeking out and learning new techniques to keep his mind and art fresh.  He is also a very diverse cannabis aficionado.
Eusheen: Team Captain
Eusheen started in 2000 making him a 22 year veteran in flameworking.  He creates beautiful flow in all his designs.  He is a Takilma Oregon native but currently calls Evergreen Colorado home.  Eusheen has a free-flowing style with intricacies and control of detail and color.  His love for sacred geometry shows in the fillacello work he creates, and it is some of the best examples of fillacello designs.  He finds joy in teaching his techniques, which has taken him all over the US and to Japan.
WJC Glass:
WJC started in 2002 making him a 20 year veteran in flameworking. He has the pleasure of calling Evergreen Colorado home.  WJC is well known for his incredible color combinations and Flower of Life patterns, which sometimes can take him more than 60 hours of artistic labor. He uses his glass as  way to document his spiritual journey.”There are not many people today documenting their perspective of reality into something that’s going to be around for a long period of time”

Atlantic City 2022 Glass Games Results:​

All Clear
1st Ford 20 Glass
2nd BlackT Glass
3rd Casta Glass
Childhood Cartoon
Aaron U Glass
Amorphous Symphony
Shoeless Glass
Ford 20 Glass
Shoeless Glass
Suck not Blow
Enjoy & Prosper
Plug a Nug
Powers Glass

Atlantic City 2022 Glass Games:

  • Toolless- 3.5 hrs: That’s Right, no tools.  This means you are not allowed any tools on your torch, no blow tube that is NOT glass.  You are allowed to use the bench surface, your naked torch, and glass to create a functional piece.  Standard prep rules apply.
  • All Clear- 7 hrs:  This game is strictly clear glass, no fuming, no encasements, just clear. We want to see all the work. Only clear glass is needed.
  • Favorite Childhood Cartoon- 7 hrs:  Show us your most beloved childhood cartoon character, in glass. You are allowed four appendages. This can include head(s), tail(s), arm(s), leg(s), even tentacle(s), but only four TOTAL pieces. Standard prep rules apply.
  • Suck not Blow- 3.5 hrs:  Think check valve, we want you to make a functional piece that you can inhale but doesn’t allow you to exhale back into the piece. Standard prep rules apply.

Atlantic City 2022 Judges:




Standard Prep Rules:

* All rod or tubing prepped can be in any size(s) of cylinders
* NO Wig Wags
* Millefiori and Murrine ok (sticks and polished slices allowed)
* Pre-encased Single Opal Marbles OK (raw opals ok)
* ”Untwisted” tube or vac stack is allowed
* Premade and Prestacked vacstack ready to be pulled is allowed
* No pre-shaped tubes or rods (Only in RAW Cylinder form)
* All prepped tubing and color rod must be in stock style cylinders
* Prepped tubing on handles is allowed
* Prepped rod or solid cylinders in any consentiating sizes is allowed
* Colored tubing, powder coated, and frit tumbled tube in any single color is allowed
* Blow-in and sleeved glass is allowed as long as not shaped or patterned, just color (no premade
space tubing, bubble trapped, or frit sleeved over color is allowed)
* No twisted cane
* Color cane striped bars/Dicro cane bars untwisted is allowed (stock flat or cylinder untwisted
cane) we want it twisted during the competition
* Frit or colored tube is allowed and can be on handles but not allowed to be shaped (no
preshaped balls, cylinder only)
* No pre-made horns, however, handled cylinders colored to be made into horns is allowed, all
cylinder sizes are allowed
* No pre-prepped tube or rod in a gradient or taper unless its a slight taper or gradient in size
throughout the handpulled crucible dipped, hand striped, or coil potted rod (No prepped colors
blending or faded into other colors)
Pretty much anything you can find in a glass store, unmanipulated, is allowed, besides the above
Torch Requirements:
This is a plug and play system, which most glassblowers are accustom to, we have one oxygen
and one propane port. Torches need to have hoses attached, T-Grade hoses and lines with
B-Connector Fittings, quick connects preferred w/western brass ends, Regulators provided by
Champs (ALL hand torches, bunsons, etc. must be y-ed or connected within YOUR own system,
not ours…. Ready to plug and play)