Each of the following games will have a 3 hour time limit. Artists will be limited to competing in a total of 3 games per an event unless otherwise notified. We will have gases on the 7th and 8th with judging and awards on the 9th. All games are subject to Standard Prep Rules. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Heady Onie:
Self explanatory. Coined in 1999 the term “Onie” has become synonymous with one hitter pipes.

It’s a Jersey Thing:
Create a FUNctional piece that has something to do with New Jersey.

Perfect FUNction:
Make the best functioning piece you can in the allowed time. This piece’s function will be tested by a panel of expert smokers for best FUNction. (All artists competing in the “Perfect FUNction” game must do so before the second round of day 2 as they will be judged that evening)

Amalgamation Station:
Create up to 10 pieces with ground joints that can be assembled in a variety of formations.

Please contact our Glass Games staff with any questions about the games.

2024 Master Judges!

Artists that qualified for CHAMPS Masters:

New Standard Prep Rules

We are asking all artists to come prepared to our live glassblowing events. This means that your torch and accessories (mini torches, bunsen burners, and etc.) should be connected and y-ed down to a single gas and single oxygen B Grade hose with a male quick connect on the end. Artists without the proper equipment will be asked to borrow from a fellow competitor, “rent” CHAMPS Glass Games equipment or acquire their own fittings from local sources.

Standard Prep Rules

Just make sure it is not a finished section, piece or part and can be verified by the Judges and or Glass Games Crew as a not fully shaped or finished.


Artists may use: Vacstacks, blow-ins (stuff n puffs), space tech, frit fades, chip stacks, bubble traps, dichro and etc. All sections must NOT be finished parts or pieces. Sections may be any diameter and length; they may also be on handles. NO PRE-SHAPED SECTIONS.


All rod must NOT be shaped and or manipulated prior to the competition. Twisty Cane is allowed and not considered a manipulation. Again, no finished pieces and or sections.


Millies, whether sliced or in rod form are allowed as long as they recognize our copyrighted and trademarked images addendum.
Opals, encased or raw are allowed. Encased opals must be individual opals regardless of shape or size.
No faceted sections
No marbles

IMPORTANT: Due to the high volume of complaints received, CHAMPS Glass Games will no longer accept entries infringing upon existing Trademarks and or Copyrights. Anything with a Trademarked or Copyrighted image will be removed from the table and be disqualified from the game the entry was for. We apologize for any inconvenience.


This year’s theme for the CHAMPS Glass Games Masters competition is “Take a trip down the rabbit hole.” Life is a vortex of details. Artists will be asked to present a piece representing a deep dive into a topic of their choice, aka a rabbit hole.

We encourage the thought of ending up somewhere you weren’t expecting. New techniques, something that others may have mastered, or is it something you’ve thought about doing so many times… You keep trying, attempt after attempt… will it lead somewhere else?

Bring your best prep to create a masterpiece illustrating how, why, and where the hole leads… The final goal is to make it WHOLE.

Rules: Each competitor will have the first two days of the show to work on the torch and a third day to set up their display before being judged on the last day. Artists will be allowed one 6x6x6 box, otherwise standard prep rules apply.

If you have any questions about the theme, rules or anything else please contact our Glass Games staff at: or call (949) 541-1906



Denver 2023 Glass Games Winners:

Goblet Grab

Fungus Amongus

Marbles (Best in Show)

Marbles (Game of Marbles)

Las Vegas Summer 2023 Glass Games Winners:

Rigdicuously Small


Yin Yang 

Gold n’ dreams

In 20 Min Time




Chicago 2023 Glass Games:

The Glass Games presented an excellent Milli Madness Exhibition where some industries best collaborated to make epic art. Stephen, Gavin, Jerry, AJ, Punty, and Dave really brought amazing vibes to the show and put on a show everyone loved.

It was Stephen and his son Gavin’s first CHAMPS Trade Show. They really had fun, and Stephen made his first solo pipe! Jerry and AJ Threw down and made a milli onsite. At the same time, Dave and Punty made some equally cool Dead-Themed Pieces.

Atlantic City 2023 Glass Games Winners:

Conjunction Junction, How’s your Function???


Seals, Seals, and more Seals!!!

Swiss Army Pipe

Rainbows, Baskets, Blotters!



Hendy Glass

Started 2007

Dellene Peralta

Started 1996

Malaquia Glass

Started 2000

For the Love of Glass (Glass Games Master 2023) Winners: