Show Dates

September 27-28th
10am to 7pm


Denver Convention Center

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Why CHAMPS Denver?

What to expect?

Denver is a hotspot for cannabusiness in the US. Having the longest recreational laws on the record books they have an extensive Dispensary, smoke-shop, and Glass Art Community. The Denver Show brings in buyers you don’t often see at any other show.

Who's Attending?

Buyers from across the globe attend the CHAMPS. The Majority are from states while a huge contingent are international buyers from Canada and BEYOND!

All of our buyers are verified by the top-notch staff at CHAMPS Trade Shows, so you know each buyer is genuinely representing 1 or more retail stores.

What Attendees are Saying:

"The Orlando show was jam packed with a perfect assortment of manufacturers, artists, and distribution companies. What was the hot ticket item at this show you might ask? Definitely Delta 8"
Cali Culture, Ohio
"CHAMPS Winter is the place to be, we practically built our business at CHAMPS over the last 20+ years."
ModernAge Tobacco, Georgia


To ensure exhibitors the best experience all new booth requests will be on a 1st come 1st serve basis and will be filled after returning exhibitors are placed.