How To Attend The Shows


CHAMPS is a business-to-business trade show and is FREE to attend, however, CHAMPS is not open to the public. If you’re a retail store buyer and would like to register and attend CHAMPS, please REGISTER YOUR STORE now to experience the best in the industry.CHAMPS TRADE SHOWS are the best wholesale marketplaces for all your retail store needs. See thousands of brand new product launches! Meet exhibitors face-to-face and get the best pricing on your products! CHAMPS is celebrating artists with its American Glass Section. Made for the glass community by the glass community, it allows for smaller independent artists to get in the show.CHAMPS’ success is due in large part to the relationships formed between retail buyers, manufacturers, and distributors at each and every CHAMPS TRADE SHOW. Our business friendly environment has made our buyers very happy for over 20 years.


Attending CHAMPS

  • CHAMPS is a business-to-business only event. All attendees are required to show 2 forms of Business ID to enter the show.

  • CHAMPS is free to attend, but not open to the public.

  • CHAMPS reserves the right to refuse entry to our show to anyone for any reason.

  • You must be 18 years or older to attend.

  • CHAMPS reserves the right to have anyone removed from the premises of the show at any time, for any reason.

Accepted Business ID

Must show at least one of the following…  

  • Reseller’s License  
  • Seller’s Permit 
  • Business license  
  • Tax ID / State Tax Certificate 
  • Tobacco license / permit
  • Article(s) of Operation 

The secondary option can be…  

  • Business Credit Card  
  • Business Card
  • Previous Invoice / Purchase Order – must show company name and address*  

We will need 2 separate forms of proof of business, for 1 business to attend. Each business can have up to 4 people attend each show. Any additional guests will be subject to a fee for entrance.